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Tree Removal and Clearing Services In Cape Coral and Fort Myers FL

Tree Removal In Lee County, FL

Tree removal services for residential/commercial in Cape Coral & Fort Myers areas.

Tree on the roof of Cape Coral home after hurricane.

Tree Removal Services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lee County, FL

Tim's Tree Service has been providing the Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding Lee County, FL areas with quality tree removal services since 1989. Large trees can become hazardous when left to grow uncontrollably, threatening power lines, homes, businesses and even injury to your friends and family. We are fully licensed and insured to remove any kind of tree on your property (except for protected trees).

Southwest Florida is known for thunderstorms, tropical storms and even hurricanes. These storms can bring large branches or whole trees toppling to the ground. Trees that are overgrown or too close to your home or business are a huge risk that you shouldn't be taking.

The roots of large trees can cause damage to driveways, walkways and plumbing, by breaking up concrete or wrapping around plumbing pipes. When trees are too large for your property and require extraction, hire the professional at Tim's Tree Service so we can safely remove them.

Reasons why a tree might need to be removed.

  • Structural problems with the tree.
  • Major storm damage where the tree cannot be saved.
  • When a tree is too close to utility lines, pools cages, houses or other buildings
  • If the tree becomes a problem such as dropping seeds, branches, sap or simply blocks your view.
  • Cracks in the trunks of the tree. Trees that are expected to grow quite large, like a maple tree, will sometimes crack in the trunk, making the large tree unstable.
  • The tree is simply too large for the property. These trees can cause damage from branches falling on your home or businesses roof.
  • Building a new structure on the property. We can remove the tree prior to construction.
  • Tree diseases or insect infestation. This will kill the tree eventually and can also spread to other trees on the property.
  • Growing in the wrong direction that cannot be corrected.
  • Giving your landscape a new design and removing a tree that just doesn’t look good where it's placed.

We always deliver the best when it comes to our customers.

Tim's Tree Service always provides our customers with a free estimate so you know exactly what the cost will be upfront. We will bid every job with each customer’s individual needs. Once a customer decides to move forward with the job based on our bid, we will give you an estimated time frame for when we can do the work. When our team of professionals arrive to begin the work, we will start one step at a time with people in the tree and on the ground. Our team works together to ensure the safety of each crew member and that all tree branches and trees fall to the ground in a safe orderly manner. We are fully licensed and insured and our customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you're a resident or business owner in Cape Coral, Fort Myers or elsewhere in Lee County, FL, give us a call at (239) 994-6384 for all your tree removal jobs.

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