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Large palm tree being trimmed in Cape Coral, FL

Tree Trimming Service In Lee County, FL

Tree trimming for residential/commercial in Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas.

Big Trees, Small Trees & Palm Trees, we trim all trees!

Tim's Tree Service's team of professionals have the skills and expertise to trim large and small trees. We trim commercial and residential trees all over the Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas and other areas of Lee County, FL. All trees have different trimming techniques and specific care needed. Whether it’s a tall beautiful palm or a red maple tree, we know how to trim it.

Young trees are vulnerable and need extra care. As these young tree grow, they can start to branch out in the wrong direction and need help to grow properly. We trim back those branches and shape the tree, providing it a stable structure and desirable form. Young trees that are properly trimmed will require less corrective pruning as they grow larger.

Keeping your larger trees trimmed is also important, this helps to maintain the fullness and shape. Trimming large trees can be dangerous because many times we work in the trees with power equipment, hanging high above the ground. Working with Tim's Tree Service provides a trained crew with proper safety equipment, as well as all the proper licensing and insurance.

Arborist trimming a large tree in Fort Myers, FL.

Why Should You Keep Your Trees Properly Trimmed?

In Cape Coral and Fort Myers, residents pride themselves on their property, landscaping and especially their trees. There are many reasons why you should be trimming all of your trees, especially palm trees. Here are a few reasons why tree trimming is important:

  • Improves the health of your tree by removing dead or dying branches. Removing these branches will reduce the risk of them falling, causing damage to your property or injury to you or your family.
  • Trimming dead or dying branches will help to prevent decay.
  • Makes the overall appearance more desirable, maintains the tree's structure and shape.
  • Keeping your trees trimmed will increase the sun's exposure and air circulation. This will improve the health of your trees.
  • Trimming or pruning fruit trees can increase the size and the quality of the fruit. This should be done in the late winter to help shape the tree and expose the center of the tree to sunlight.
  • Recently planted trees should be trimmed to begin training the tree for shape and fullness.
  • Trimming your trees also makes your property appear maintained and beautiful.

Different trees should be trimmed and pruned at different times of the year. We have been experts in this field since 1989 and have the knowledge to properly trim and maintain your trees. If you're a resident or business owner in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers or elsewhere, contact us for your initial consultation at (239) 994-6384 or complete our online quote form.

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