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A large tree being cut up and disposed of after a strong storm in Cape Coral, FL.

Emergency Storm Cleanup Services Serving Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, & Nearby Lee County Areas

Call us after a hurricane or other severe storms sweep through so we can swiftly remove and stormproof the rest of your trees.

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Emergency storm cleanups for properties in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and nearby areas.

We clear your property of stray branches, fallen trees, and remove damaged trees after a severe storm.

In southwest Florida, we often see severe weather during the rainy season and can end up with excessive damage if a hurricane comes through. After the storm, it's important to check around your property for any signs of damaged trees or branches, as well as figure out how to remove any fallen limbs or tree trunks. 

At Tim's Tree Service, we have served the areas of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, and Lee County since the late 1980s and our team of highly-trained tree surgeons can efficiently come in after a storm to help restore your property and stormproof the rest of your trees. During our emergency storm cleanups, we clear stray branches, fallen trees, and remove damaged trees.

Storm Debris Cleanup Helps Restore the Condition of Your Yard

A tree that has been split after a strong storm in Fort Myers, FL.

After the storm ends and you can safely be outside, it's time to assess the condition of your yard. More than likely, you'll have a lot of yard debris to pick up and remove. Instead of taking up your time with that, contact our tree services company to come help so you can focus on restoring other aspects of your home back to the way they were.

With our storm debris cleanup services, we can remove the yard debris and haul it away while you take time to regroup after a hurricane or severe storm. During a storm debris cleanup, we will:

  • Pick up stray branches and tree limbs
  • Clear off any fallen trees
  • Remove storm-damaged trees
  • Grind any left-behind stumps

At Tim's Tree Service, we do work to preserve the environment as much as possible, meaning we won't remove a tree unless we absolutely have to. If a tree was damaged beyond repair during a storm and we deem it a safety hazard, our team will be able to safely remove and haul away that tree for you.

Clearing away storm debris as soon as possible keeps your yard healthy and ensures the remaining trees can have a safe environment to flourish.

We Also Provide Hurricane Proofing Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Palm trees we trimmed in preparation for a big storm.

Along with storm cleanups, our tree surgeons also provide hurricane proofing services for trees at residential and commercial properties throughout Lee County. Hurricane proofing allows our team to check trees for any apparent points of weakness, assess for any branches that may need to be removed, and more, such as:

  • Covering trees with protective wrapping to protect from further damage
  • Cabling, bracing, and staking trees so they are reinforced against hurricane-force winds

The best way to ensure your trees are prepared for severe weather is to schedule routine trimming and pruning services so they are healthy and happy.

Does your property need a storm debris cleanup? Contact our tree care company today.

As lifelong residents of Florida, we know the time after a storm can be stressful. Take one thing off your list by enlisting our tree care company to come help clean up any unwanted storm debris at your property. Our team is available to take your call at (239) 994-6384!

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Our company is licensed and insured for all tree sizes and services.

One of the most important things homeowners and business owners should consider when hiring a tree service company is whether the company is properly insured and licensed. At Tim's Tree Service, we carry all of the proper insurance and licenses needed to service all types and sizes of trees.

When you hire Tim's Tree Service, you'll be satisfied with our work. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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