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Our crew trims palm trees growing in Cape Coral, FL.

Cape Coral, FL Tree Services

We offer tree services such as removal, stump grinding, trimming, and more to residential and commercial properties in Cape Coral, FL.

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Tree services for homes and businesses located in Cape Coral, FL, and the surrounding Lee County areas.

Our tree trimming, stump grinding, tree removal, and other tree services are performed by insured and licensed professionals.

At Tim's Tree Service, we have been providing quality tree services to residents and business owners throughout the Cape Coral and Lee County, FL areas since 1989.

Our tree services include tree trimming, stump grinding, tree removal, hurricane proofing trees, tree shaping, and mulch. Our fully licensed and insured professionals have years of experience working with trees in this area.

Tree Removal Services for Cape Coral Homes & Businesses

Trimming trees in Cape Coral, FL helps them stay healthy.

Trees may need to be removed from homes or businesses in Cape Coral for various reasons, which include:

  • The tree is unhealthy. If a tree is dead or dying, it’s weakened and in a precarious state. If a strong storm or winds were to sweep through, it could knock down branches, large limbs, or even the whole tree. If that tree is close to buildings, then it could end up falling onto the building and costing more damage.
  • The tree is too close to buildings or power lines or was damaged in a storm. When trees are damaged from a storm, they are no longer as resilient as they once were. This leaves them susceptible to disease, insect infestation, and more.
  • The tree needs to be relocated for new construction or landscaping. Building a new house or extra building on your property can be problematic if a large tree is in the way. Removing that tree is the easiest way to make sure you are clear to build a new structure, as well as adding new landscaping if the tree is in the way of landscape design plans.

Large tree roots can also cause damage to structures, walkways, driveways, and more—which is why you should call a professional to remove trees.

Stump Grinding Services Help Remove Hazardous Stumps that Can Attract Pests

This stump in Cape Coral, FL is being ground down to remove this hazard from a lawn.

When you have a tree removed from your Cape Coral property, a stump is inevitably left behind. It’s recommended to have that stump ground down, as stumps can present many issues. As the stumps begin to slowly decompose and rot, they attract unwanted pests to your property like termites, ants, and more. Those termites can spread throughout your property and eventually may end up invading your home, which can result in a costly pest control bill.

Stumps can also present a hazard when mowing or playing in the yard. A stump can easily cause irreparable damage to mowers and can also be a tripping hazard. For these reasons and more, it’s best to have stump grinding done after tree removal. Stump grinding also leaves behind a pile of mulch that can be used in landscaping, so it’s environmentally friendly.

Routine Tree Trimming Helps Trees Stay Healthy, Eliminates Problem Branches

A routine tree trimming schedule ensures that your Cape Coral trees stay healthy. When trimming is done, it eliminates any problem branches and allows tree professionals to check for any signs of tree disease or insect infestation. When tree diseases are caught quickly enough, it’s possible to treat the tree for the disease without removing it completely.

Routine trimming also helps the trees grow in the correct direction and keeps them away from buildings or power lines. For fruit trees, trimming can help them produce fruit that is larger and of higher quality.

Finally, regular trimming also helps to increase your property’s curb appeal by keeping your trees looking well-cared-for and shapely.

Are you looking for tree services at your Cape Coral, FL home or business?

Since 1989, Tim's Tree Service has provided excellent tree care and services for homes and businesses in Cape Coral, FL, as well as other Lee County areas. Contact us today at (239) 994-6384 to discuss your trees and to set up an initial consultation.

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Our certified and insured tree company servicing a property in Cape Coral, FL.

Our company is licensed and insured for all tree sizes and services.

One of the most important things homeowners and business owners should consider when hiring a tree service company is whether the company is properly insured and licensed. At Tim's Tree Service, we carry all of the proper insurance and licenses needed to service all types and sizes of trees.

When you hire Tim's Tree Service, you'll be satisfied with our work. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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