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Tree stump being ground at a residential property in Lee County, FL.

Stump Grinding Services Serving Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, & Nearby Lee County Areas

Our stump grinding services for residential and commercial properties remove problem stumps that could be a haven for pests, be a hazard on your property, and more.

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Stump grinding services for properties in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and other areas in Lee County, FL.

Removing stumps can help increase curb appeal, give back valuable space on your property, and get rid of a haven for pests.

Tree stump that needs grinding and removal.

After a tree is removed from a property, the stump remains behind as a stark reminder of the tree that was once there. To get rid of the stump completely, it's recommended to use professional stump grinding services. At Tim's Tree Service, we can grind away stumps quickly and efficiently. 

Even if you didn’t hire us to remove your tree, we can still come to your home or business and grind down the stump. We offer our stump grinding services to homes and businesses throughout the Lee County, FL area, including Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, and Fort Myers. 

What Is Involved in a Stump Grinding Job

When we come to your property to remove a tree, we usually come to grind the stump a few days later. We can also come to your property and grind just the stump that has been left behind after tree removal. We want to remove the stump with as little damage as possible to the property. Stump grinding is the way to do this and is the most cost-effective method.

The stump grinder will grind the base of the tree and all major roots. We will determine how deep we need to go based on the type and size of the tree. Our goal is to grind down 4-5 inches below grade level. This will break up the main rooting system. Once we have finished grinding the stump down, all you will have is mulch and dirt where the stump once was.

Why Stumps Need to Be Ground Down

People often ask us if it’s necessary to remove the tree stump after we remove the tree. The answer is no, it doesn’t have to be removed. It is completely optional, however, there are many reasons to consider removing the stump. 

  • Tree stumps can attract insects and have diseases that can spread to other trees on your property. Though live trees are vulnerable to these problems, tree stumps are at a higher risk for infestation and disease, which will both quickly attack other healthy trees. 
  • Mowing and trimming around a tree stump is just inconvenient. Hiring us to remove that that tree stump will solve the problem.
  • A tree stump can start to sprout new growth, establish new roots and begin to grow. When you've just paid for a tree to be removed, you don't want it to regrow in the same area and cause the same issues again.
  • Simple curb appeal is a big reason. Tree stumps are generally not very picturesque and removing these eyesores can help to increase or maintain your current curb appeal. 
  • Not having stump grinding after tree removal can be a safety hazard. You or other people visiting your home could easily trip over the tree stump or hit it with a mower.
  • Stumps also take up valuable space on your property that could be used for other things. If you're looking to repurpose the area where the tree once stood, it will be difficult to replant anything near the stump.
  • Stump grinding leaves behind a decent amount of wood mulch that can be reused in your landscaping beds to protect those plants and the underlying soil.

Stump grinding is more environmentally friendly and less invasive than total stump removal.

Do you need stump grinding services for your home or business?

At Tim's Tree Service, we've been providing quality tree services, including stump grinding, for 30 years. If you're a homeowner or business owner located in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, or elsewhere in the Lee County, FL area, give us a call at (239) 994-6384 or complete our online quote form to receive stump grinding services.

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