Trees are a wonderful and beneficial part of any landscape. They add beauty, provide shade, and increase privacy. While trees offer many benefits to their surroundings, when they are dead they cause a host of problems.

Whether your tree is dying because of diseases or storm damage or has died as a result of age, it’s vitally important to have dead trees removed promptly. Here is why dead trees need to be removed from your property in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County, and the surrounding areas of Florida.

Dead Trees Pose Safety Hazards

Dead and dying trees are very weak and brittle. When a dead or dying tree loses its strength, it’s much more likely to fall over. When a tree falls over, there’s no telling where it will land; whether on your car or house, your neighbor’s house, nearby power lines, or even a person. A toppled tree poses a severe safety hazard as there is no way to know exactly when or where it will topple over. Fallen trees result in costly emergency tree services, repair bills, or emergency room visits due to related injuries. In the event your tree falls and causes damage to someone else’s property or loved one, you are liable for any repairs and medical expenses associated with it.

Pests & Diseases Flourish In & Around Dead or Dying Trees

Dead trees attract pests and diseases that can quickly multiply and spread. Pests like spiders, roaches, and even rats take shelter inside dead trees and create nests where they breed and infest your property. When these pests make a home inside a dead tree, they’ll often invade your home as well in an attempt to find food and additional shelter. Many pests like spiders are venomous and can cause serious illness. Others, like rats, carry dangerous diseases that can harm you, your pets, guests, and loved ones.

Dead trees also tend to attract diseases like mold and mildew, and if a disease is what killed your tree, it can spread to other nearby plants. As a result, your entire yard and landscape can be destroyed from leaving that one dead tree in your yard. Removing dead and dying trees from your property eliminates the possibility of pest infestation and the spread of diseases.

At Tim's Tree Service, we provide safe and prompt removal services for dead, dying, and diseased trees, as well as various other tree care services.

Dead Trees Decrease Curb Appeal & Property Value

This dead tree in Fort Myers, FL needs to be removed.

In addition to all the safety reasons involved, removing dying trees from your property increases its value and curb appeal. Dead and dying trees are unattractive. You want your yard to look as visually appealing as possible, and when you have a dead tree with no leaves, falling branches, and peeling bark, your property’s aesthetic appeal instantly declines. When your home’s curb appeal is negatively impacted, its property value can decline, which could mean less money if you decide to sell. Dead trees are also simply ugly to look at, and if you value your property’s appearance and your surrounding landscape, then removing the dead tree is essential to keeping your surroundings pristine.

Do you need a dead or dying tree removed from your yard?

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