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3 Reasons to Have Your Fruit Trees Trimmed This Year

3 Reasons to Have Your Fruit Trees Trimmed This Year

The climate here in Florida is perfect for growing fruit trees, especially citrus ones like orange, grapefruit, and lemon. However, you'll want to keep them at their best to yield optimal results, hence why trimming them is so important! Trimming will keep your fruit trees neat and at their desired size, plus improve air circulation and sunlight accessibility to the center. Not only that, but it will also bolster their strength and encourage higher fruit production. That way, you can boast beautiful, healthy trees and reap the fruits of that labor!

1. Trimming will keep your fruit trees neat and at their desired size.

Our landscaping professional trimming a tree by a home in Fort Myers, FL.

Trimming your fruit trees provides numerous benefits, one being the aesthetic impact. After all, it involves removing stray, unruly branches and any overgrowth starting to make them look messy. When you trim your fruit trees, you can keep them neat and manicured. Additionally, it will maintain their desired size, which also helps to ensure they have a stable structure so they can bear the weight of the fruit, plus the best chance to stay at their healthiest.

2. Trimming your fruit trees improves air circulation and sunlight accessibility.

Another reason to trim your fruit trees is because it improves air circulation. Trimming will prevent them from becoming too thick by opening their canopy and allowing air to flow through their branches; this will keep the interior from becoming too moist and provide ideal conditions for fungal...

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Don’t Try to Trim Your Palm Trees Yourself! Hire Pros to Do It Instead

Don’t Try to Trim Your Palm Trees Yourself! Hire Pros to Do It Instead

Here in Florida, palm trees are one of the most identifiable and beautiful trees in our area. If you have any palm trees on your residential or commercial property, they will need to be trimmed from time to time to keep them looking their best. While it may be tempting to try and perform this service yourself, this is not something that you should try! That's because trimming palm trees is a dangerous task because it involves climbing up a ladder with a sharp tool, and if you should fall, it could lead to serious consequences. Also, it's possible to damage your palm trees if you trim them too much, so you'll want to let professionals perform this task so you don't jeopardize their health. And finally, it's likely that you don't have the right equipment to perform this task, and using the wrong equipment can make this job much harder and can even cause damage to your trees. So, when it comes to trimming your palm trees, let professionals handle this task!

Trimming palm trees is a dangerous task that is best left to professionals.

One of the biggest reasons that you shouldn't try to trim your palm trees yourself is that this is a dangerous task. Trimming palm trees requires climbing up a ladder, and you'll need to carry a sharp tool while doing so. If you were to fall, you could seriously hurt yourself. So, it's best to completely avoid this task and hire professionals to trim your palm trees for you!

Trimming your trees can ...
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Here’s What Regular Plant Trimming Can Do for Your Trees

Here’s What Regular Plant Trimming Can Do for Your Trees

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Florida, you likely have an abundance of trees on your property. To ensure that your trees are always looking their best, you should have them trimmed regularly. Keeping your trees nice and manicured will ensure that large, overgrown branches aren't blocking sunlight from the plants below; it also increases your property's curb appeal and displays a tidy appearance. Not only that, but regular trimming will allow you to detect an insect infestation or disease much quicker. Early spotting of an issue gives you the opportunity to prune it before it has a chance to spread. Continue reading to learn more about why you should trim the trees on your property regularly.

Regular Plant Trimming Will Increase Your Property's Curb Appeal

Professional trimming plant in landscape bed in Fort Myers, FL.

Trees are naturally beautiful, and their strong structures and earthy colors have the potential to enhance your property's curb appeal. Regular tree trimming will create a tidy, well-maintained appearance and assist in creating their shape and fullness; a beautiful, full shape can flatter your property and increase its curb appeal while positioning them for optimum nutrient absorption. A healthy tree and a beautiful one go hand-in-hand!

Trees that are common in the Lee County, FL area include palm trees, fruit trees, and red maple trees.

Keep your trees trimmed to ensure that their branches aren't blocking sunlight from the plants below.


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Here’s How to Prepare Your Trees for Summer in Florida

Here’s How to Prepare Your Trees for Summer in Florida

Preparing your trees for the summer months in Florida is important to ensure that they stay healthy and look great. To do this, you can trim and prune your trees: trimming is good for a tree's appearance, while pruning is good for a tree's health by getting rid of any branches that are unhealthy. However, if you have any weak trees that are unable to be saved, you should remove them. With hurricane season coming up, weak trees are dangerous; you shouldn't take any chances. It's a good idea to have your trees checked by professionals, as they will be able to determine what services your trees need to stay healthy. They will also be able to tell you if any of your trees need to be removed.

Trim & Prune Your Trees

Tim's professional trimming tree in Suncoast Estates, FL.

You should prepare your trees for the summer in Florida - whether it's for aesthetics or their health. Trees are a staple to the surrounding environment and it's a good idea to treat them with proper care. You can:

  • Trim them - Trimming your trees will enhance their appearance. It also promotes proper growth of the branches, keeps their shape and fullness, and allows for better access to sunlight.
  • Prunethem - Pruning your trees will help with maintaining their health by removing unhealthy branches. This prevents the issue from spreading to other parts of the tree and will also minimize the risk of them falling off.

The most common trees found in the Lee County, FL area are fruit trees, red maple, and...

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Avoid Heavy Sap Drip by Waiting to Trim These Trees in South Florida

Avoid Heavy Sap Drip by Waiting to Trim These Trees in South Florida

If you've ever gotten tree sap on your hands, you know how sticky, messy, and annoying it can be. There are many types of trees here in South Florida that produce excess sap at certain times of the year. If you have any magnolia, willow, maple, mesquite, silk-oak, or avocado trees on your property, you can avoid dealing with heavy sap drip by waiting to trim them until after spring. While sap drip is messy and unsightly, it is important to remember that it isn't harmful to your trees. If you do encounter sap drip, it's best to leave it alone rather than trying to stop it or clean it up.

Wait until after spring to trim these trees if you want to avoid dealing with sap drip.

A healthy green maple tree on our client's property in North Fort Myers, FL.

There are a variety of trees commonly found in the South Florida area that are known for their heavy sap drip. If you wait to trim these trees until after spring, you can avoid dealing with sap drip. These trees include:

  • Magnolias: Magnolia trees excrete a thick, sugary sap called honeydew. To avoid messy sap drip, you should trim your magnolia trees any time between mid-summer and early fall.
  • Willows: Willow trees produce a watery sap that is abundant in salicylic acid. Avoid heavy sap drip by trimming your willow trees in the winter while they are dormant.
  • Maples: Maple tree sap is well-known as the main ingredient in maple syrup and other sweeteners. Trim your maple trees in the mid-summer so you don't have to worry as much about sticky sap drip.
  • Mesquites:...
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Trimming vs Pruning - They Are Not The Same Thing

Trimming vs Pruning - They Are Not The Same Thing

Trimming and pruning are commonly confused with each other. It's a common mistake among property owners because both processes involve cutting away parts of a tree, shrub, or hedge. However, the difference lies in the goal of each service. Trimming is the process of cutting away overgrowth on plants to keep them looking neat while pruning aims to remove dead or diseased branches to maintain the plant's health. Keep reading to learn how trimming is different from pruning, and why your trees and shrubs need both.

Trimming Keeps Your Trees, Shrubs & Hedges Looking Pristine

A professional trimming branches in Fort Meyers, FL.

Plants are beautiful, but they tend to overgrow if they are not properly cared for. Overgrown plants with unruly branches and foliage can bring down your curb appeal. Trimming involves removing excessive overgrowth on your trees, shrubs, and hedges to maintain their pristine condition.

Here are some reasons why routine trimming is beneficial:

  • It will keep your plants looking well-shaped and neat.
  • It will keep your plants the same size to create a uniform appearance.
  • It will give your plants a much-needed haircut, and multiple stems can be trimmed at once.

Because trimming is a maintenance service, you can trim your plants whenever you feel like they are becoming unruly. However, we recommend getting professionals to do it because if it is done wrong, it can actually be detrimental to the health of your plants.

Your plants should be trimmed at a minimum of twice a ...

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The Best Time to Trim Your Palm Trees in Florida

The Best Time to Trim Your Palm Trees in Florida

The mighty palm tree has been commonly enjoyed in Florida for thousands of years so, luckily, we've had lots of time to learn the best practices of caring for these giant trees. Trimming is one of those practices! Trimming is the practice of removing brown or dying fronds to improve your palm's appearance as well as encourage healthy growth. While most property owners might think that trimming can be done year-round, this is actually far from the truth!

It is best to stick to trimming your palm tree's fronds in the spring season to keep your tree in optimal condition. In the same way, it is highly recommended that you avoid trimming in the winter season so that the fronds can protect your tree from cooler weather. Continue reading to learn more about why the time of the year matters so much when it comes to trimming your palm trees!

Trim your palms in the spring season to protect the health of your tree.

Many people assume that they should trim their palm fronds as soon as they being to turn brown or start to dry up. However, this could actually be a big mistake. To keep your palm in optimal health, it is extremely important to trim it before it starts to flower in the spring season. This ensures that your palm tree will recover with ease from the trimming process and grow new, healthy fronds.

If your palms have already begun to flower, you should wait until the next spring season to trim your browning fronds. Although brown fronds might be a sore...

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Identifying Trees That Are a Risk During Hurricane Season

Identifying Trees That Are a Risk During Hurricane Season

From June to November, the state of Florida has to deal with hurricane season, which brings a general feeling of unease and uncertainty to homeowners and business owners throughout the state.

One way to mitigate property damage during this time is to inspect your trees for any signs that they could be vulnerable to storm damage. Here are some signs to look out for in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Lee County, FL.

Trees have been weakened due to tree disease or insect infestation.

Diseased palm tree requiring trimming in Cape Coral, FL.

When tree diseases and insects attack their intended targets, they cause the tree's overall structure to weaken, along with large branches and small limbs. A hurricane-force wind can easily knock these trees over or blow the limbs and branches off, turning them into flying projectiles. If you know that a tree on your property has had any tree diseases or problems with insect infestation, then you need to have a professional tree surgeon come to examine it to assess its weaknesses.

Branches of the tree are growing too close to structures on your property.

When a tree starts to grow too close to homes or buildings, it's already a hazard, but during a hurricane, it can be much worse. A category 3 hurricane can have winds anywhere from 111-130 miles per hour, which can easily knock over a tree and cause it to fall into the building, possibly injuring those inside or causing catastrophic damage to the walls and roof.

Removing a tree that's too...

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The Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Professionals

The Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Professionals

Work incidents related to tree care may be more common than you think. In 2016, the Tree Care Industry Association reported that there were 153 incidents in the United States, and 92 of them were fatal. Tree care is an incredibly dangerous field due to its scope of work and the use of heavy machinery. If an unlicensed tree professional is injured on your property, you may become liable for their medical costs.

Also, those who perform tree care without a license likely don't abide by safe practices. Not only will your property's aesthetic appeal suffer, but your home or business may also be more susceptible to fallen tree damage.

To help you avoid the harm that an unlicensed tree professional can inflict, our team at Tim's Tree Service is fully licensed to perform comprehensive tree care on your property in Cape Coral, Lee County, or Fort Myers, FL. Learn some of the reasons why you should avoid hiring unlicensed tree professionals.

Unlicensed tree professionals often don't abide by industry standards when it comes to trimming and pruning.

Trimming and pruning are essential services that your trees need. This way, they will maintain manicured appearances, positively contribute to your property's curb appeal, and achieve their full growth potential.

Unlicensed tree professionals often don't abide by industry standards when it comes to trimming and pruning. They partake in detrimental practices like tipping and topping, both of...

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Tree Size Guide: Small vs. Medium vs. Large

Tree Size Guide: Small vs. Medium vs. Large

Not all trees grow at the same rate. Some will reach up to 100 feet in their lifetimes, while others will never grow taller than 20 feet. No matter their height, all trees have the potential to enhance the look of your landscape. However, keep in mind that poorly-maintained trees can pose a safety risk to your property.

Here at Tim's Tree Service, we specialize in caring for your trees regardless of their size or age. We perform tree trimming services to increase your trees' exposure to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients and cut away excess branches. When necessary, we will also perform stump grinding and tree removal services to haul away unwanted stumps and trees from your property in Lee County, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the surrounding areas.

Here, we'll explore what differentiates the different sizes of trees, which are small, medium, and large. We'll also cover some examples of each kind present in Florida and specific spacing requirements to think about when you have these trees in your landscape.

What Is a Small Tree?

Small trees tend to be 15 feet in height or less. They need to be spaced anywhere from 6 to 15 feet apart to have access to the proper nutrients. Make sure small trees are placed between 8 to 10 feet away from the wall of a one-story building or 6 to 8 feet away from the corner of a one-story building.

Some examples of small trees that can be found in Florida include:

  • Crabapple
  • Yaupon holly
  • Sweet acacia
  • ...
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