If you own a home or business in Florida and you find that there is a tree on your property that is touching a power line, it's crucial to exercise caution. Do not approach or touch the tree, as living trees can conduct electricity, posing a severe electrocution risk. Your safest course of action is to contact your local tree care company immediately. They have the expertise to assess the situation and take appropriate action, whether that involves removing the tree or trimming it to a safe distance from the power line. To prevent future occurrences, you should have your trees trimmed regularly to ensure they remain a safe distance from power lines.

If your tree is touching a power line, don't go anywhere near it!

If you find a tree on your property touching a power line, the first and most crucial step is to STAY AWAY! Do not approach the tree or make any physical contact with it. Living trees can conduct electricity, and touching or standing too close to a tree in contact with power lines can result in electrocution, which is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal.

Your immediate responsibility is to ensure that no one, including yourself, goes near the area where the tree is in contact with the power lines. Keep children and pets away from the danger zone, and caution others to stay clear as well. Safety should be your primary concern.

Contact your local tree company right away if your tree is touching a power line!

Once you've ensured the safety of yourself and those around you, the next step is to take immediate action by calling your local tree service company. It's crucial to act promptly because a tree in contact with power lines poses a significant danger, not only to you but also to the community. Power outages, fires, and even electrical hazards can result from such situations.

When you call a tree service company, they will respond quickly and assess the situation. In most cases, they will remove the tree to eliminate the hazard. These experts have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to handle such a dangerous job safely and effectively.

Tree service professionals are trained to work around power lines and follow safety protocols to avoid any accidents. They will use specialized techniques and equipment to safely remove the tree without disrupting the power supply.

To prevent your tree from touching a power line in the future, have your trees trimmed regularly.

To prevent situations where trees come into contact with power lines in the future, it's essential to take proactive measures like having your trees trimmed regularly. Professional tree service companies offer routine tree trimming services that can help you maintain safe distances between your trees and power lines.

Professionals will assess your trees and identify potential risks related to power lines. They'll trim back branches that could grow too close to the lines, ensuring a safe clearance distance. By maintaining the appropriate space between trees and power lines, you reduce the risk of contact.

Regular tree trimming also promotes tree health and overall safety on your property. Trimming away dead or damaged branches helps prevent tree-related accidents and property damage while promoting healthier and more attractive trees.

Some common trees that need to be trimmed regularly in Florida include palm trees, maple trees, and oak trees.

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