If there is one thing that all of southwest Florida is familiar with, it is the damage that hurricanes can cause when they pass over us. Along with destroying buildings and damaging roofs, they can also completely knock trees over, blocking roads, driveways, or crashing into your home.

When a tree falls on your property, there are some steps you should take to ensure it is removed safely and properly. Obviously, the first step is to ensure that you and your family get to safety if the tree fell on any part of your home. There could be some issues with the structure and you should not stay in the building until an expert assesses the condition of the building. Learn what else to do when you have a fallen tree after a hurricane strikes in Cape Coral, Lee County, Fort Myers, and surrounding areas of Florida.

Contact your insurance company to learn about what they may or may not cover.

Sometimes, insurance companies may or may not cover storm damage--it depends on your home or auto policy. You will need to contact the company to see if they will cover the damage that was incurred by the fallen tree. If they determine the tree was already weakened and you should have had it removed already, they might attribute that to negligence and say that you should have had the tree removed on your own. Always call to see what they will cover for you.

Next, call a tree company to safely remove the tree for you.

Tree damage to a home and patio deck near Cape Coral, FL.

If a large tree falls, then it could take specialized tools to remove it safely such as a grapple truck, chainsaws and wood chippers. These pieces of equipment can be dangerous to operate if you do not have any experience using them, and may end up causing injury to you. They can also remove the tree debris safely from your home, shed, car, or any other structure it may have fallen into so that the process of fixing the damage in your home can begin.

A tree surgeon will also know the best way to chop up the tree, making it an efficient process. If you try to do this on your own, it is risky, but it will also take up a lot of time when you need to work on recovering from the damage the storm caused.

Want to prevent tree damage as much as possible? Consider hurricane-proofing services that will reinforce your trees and make them stronger.

Has a tree fallen on your property after a hurricane? Call our tree company immediately.

Since 1989, we have provided expert tree removal services to residential and commercial properties in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lee County, and Lee County, FL. If you have a tree fall on your property during a hurricane, then our tree surgeons can help. Call us immediately after a hurricane so we can begin the tree removal process for you. We are available at (239) 994-6384 and will schedule a visit to your property as soon as possible.