Palm trees are one of Florida's most stately features and the pride of many of our highways and neighborhoods. Many of our residents eagerly choose palm trees for their property due to how easy it can be to care for these beautiful trees. Some of the fastest-growing palm trees in the South Florida area include Carpentaria, King, Queen, and Royal palm trees. Continue reading to learn all about these trees and see which of them may be the best addition to your landscape.

1. Carpentaria Palm Tree

Group of carpentaria palm trees by a river in Cape Coral, FL.

The Carpentaria palm tree is a popular choice for landscapes in Florida. This palm is often planted alongside another of its kind. Carpentarias look great in front of buildings or as the focal point of your property's entrance. Here are some additional facts:

  • Scientific name: Carpentarias are scientifically known as Carpentaria acuminata.
  • Yearly growth: They grow at around 6 feet per year.
  • Mature height: They can grow to a mature height of 20-40 feet.
  • Appearance: Carpentaria palm trees are tall and slender in stature. Their fronds grow dark green and wide along the crownshaft of the tree.
  • Flowering: They bud tiny white flowers from spring to fall.
  • Ideal environment and care: These palms grow in moist, well-drained soil. They also require moderate watering and can do well in indirect sunlight.

2. King Palm Tree

Tops of king palm trees in North Fort Myers, FL.

King palm trees are hardy trees that thrive outdoors. However, while they are young, they can make great houseplants. Here are more facts about these noble trees:

  • Scientific name: King palm trees are scientifically known as Archontophoenix alexandrae.
  • Yearly growth: King palm trees grow about 3 feet per year.
  • Mature height: They can grow to a mature height between 40-60 feet.
  • Appearance: They have a broad, brown trunk with greenish-brown rings that are located around the crownshaft of the tree. They produce bright green leaves that scale the top and underside of the crownshaft.
  • Flowering: King palms produce pink flowers from November through February.
  • Ideal environment and care: King palms require moderate watering, well-drained soil, and adequate sunlight.

3. Queen Palm Tree

Queen palm trees blooming by homes in Cape Coral, Florida.

Queen palm trees are graceful giants. Many people prize them for their ability to shade gardens and other hot spots around a property. Here are more facts about these beautiful trees:

  • Scientific name: Queen palms are scientifically known as Syagrus romanzoffiana.
  • Yearly growth: They can grow 2 feet per year.
  • Mature height: They can grow to a mature height of around 30-40 feet.
  • Appearance: These trees have a wide, brown base. They produce dark green, feathered fronds that densely spread out over and under the crownshaft.
  • Flowering: Queen palms produce cream-colored flowers in their crownshaft during spring and summer. These flowers often bud into bright orange, round fruit which shed pretty heavily. You can use these fruit to sprout new queen palms if you'd like.
  • Ideal environment and care: They require well-drained soil and moderate water. They grow well in full sunlight or in areas with some shade.

4. Royal Palm Tree

Tall royal palm trees in Fort Myers, Florida.

Royal palm trees boast a striking appearance. They are native to Florida and are regarded for their majestic display and tremendous growth potential. Here are more stunning facts about these palms:

  • Scientific name: Royal palm trees are scientifically known as Roystonea regia.
  • Yearly growth: They grow 1-2 feet per year.
  • Mature height: They can grow to a mature height of 60-70 feet.
  • Appearance: Royal palms have smooth, white-ish trunks with darker rings along their base. They produce numerous thinly-spaced, dark green fronds.
  • Flowering: They have cream-colored flowers in the summer. These flowers are later shed as dark purple fruit.
  • Ideal environment and care: Royal palms require moderate water and slightly acidic soil. The soil must be well-drained to thoroughly feed the roots.

No matter the palm type you choose, make sure you keep up with its trimming needs to ensure year-round beauty and health.

Well-maintained palm trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. Call us to schedule our trimming services!

Palm trees are some of the most beautiful additions to any landscape, as long as they are well-maintained. Are your palms looking a little shabby? Our trimming services can help!

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