Trees need hydration any way they can get it to ensure healthy growth. The rainy season in Florida can provide your trees with enough water to keep them hydrated, but an overabundance of rain can also cause several problems for your trees. Too much rain can oversaturate the soil and weaken root systems, in addition to causing fungal diseases that thrive in wet conditions. These can affect the health and appearance of your trees. Moreover, the rainy season brings strong winds that can blow down branches and trees.

You can mitigate the risks that excessive rain poses to your trees by closely monitoring and surveying them for signs of damage, such as lesions, cracks, and exposed roots. Having a company that provides tree care services will also help you ensure your trees are healthy. Continue reading to learn more about how the rainy season can impact your trees in Florida.

Too Much Rainwater Can Suffocate Your Trees

Continuous and heavy rain can oversaturate the soil with rainwater, which can be detrimental to trees. Too much rainwater can compact the soil and suffocate the tree's roots, as the water prevents the roots from absorbing enough oxygen. Because its pores are filled with water, the tree can run out of oxygen within a few hours. It can now take only several days before parts of the root begin to rot.

Fortunately, Florida enjoys sandy soil that provides good drainage. But we still recommend that you avoid stepping on your lawn after heavy rain so you won't contribute to further soil compaction that can suffocate your trees.

Waterlogged Soil Can Weaken Tree Roots

Tree professional holding soil in hands in Fort Myers, FL.

Once the soil is waterlogged, the tree's roots begin to weaken. The tree becomes less anchored to the ground over time and can easily fall from strong wind, causing major damage to anything in its path. Because its roots are weakened, your tree can also easily succumb to various diseases and infections that affect its appearance and overall health.

Hiring tree experts to evaluate your tree's health will give you an idea of how strong and healthy your trees are. An analysis from a tree care expert will also allow you to take necessary tree care measures to prepare your trees for upcoming weather conditions.

Fungal Infestations Thrive in Wet Conditions

Tree leaf affected by anthracnose disease in North Fort Myers, FL.

Wet and humid conditions create the best environment for fungi to thrive. Weakened roots caused by too much water do not help the tree fight against diseases and infections. Fungal infestations that thrive in wet conditions include:

  • Powdery Mildew: Check the surfaces of leaves and stems for any powder-like growth. Some leaves can also be wrinkled where powdery mildew growth is found.
  • Anthracnose: Another common fungal disease among trees, anthracnose often results in leaf spots and curled leaves.
  • Root Rot: Root rot is caused by several fungi that thrive in wet conditions; the most common root rot symptoms include brownish or reddish roots. Once the foliage starts exhibiting discoloration, it can be a sign that root rot has gotten more severe.

Weakened Trees Can Fall in Strong Winds

Palm trees blowing due to high winds in Cape Coral, FL.

Once oversaturated soil weakens a tree's roots, the tree becomes less anchored to the ground. This can be dangerous during a storm with strong winds because a weakened tree can easily fall when hit by a strong wind. Everything in the path of a falling tree will get damaged and injured, so it is important to keep your tree healthy.

One way you can prepare your tree before a storm is to hire tree experts who can safely trim the branches of your trees. Hanging tree branches can break away and fly around, causing possible damage to your property and injuries to people.

After a storm, our team at Tim's Tree Service can properly remove damaged trees and grind stumps to ensure you have a safe environment.

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