Having trees on your property offers numerous benefits like providing shade on those hot days we experience here in Florida. However, there are certain situations when a tree needs to be removed. For example, you want to remove a tree from your property if it’s leaning toward your home to prevent the tree from causing any damage to your home. You should also remove a tree when it succumbs to a disease or insect infestation to keep the problem from spreading throughout your property. And, if you notice any cracks in the trunk of your tree, remove it as soon as possible because it is likely unstable and can potentially fall over. Keep reading to learn why it’s important to immediately remove your tree when faced with any of these three situations.

1. Remove your tree if it's leaning toward your house.

Tree fallen over onto home in North Fort Myers, FL.

If one of the trees on your property starts leaning toward your house, then it’s best to start making plans to remove it. Branches and other parts of the tree will eventually start falling, potentially damaging your house. And in the worst-case scenario, the tree itself can fall onto your house during a storm. When a tree starts to lean while it is still growing, it usually means that there is a problem with the roots of the tree, and this issue cannot always be corrected. So, to prevent any substantial damage to your home, it’s recommended to remove the tree immediately once it starts leaning towards your house.

2. Remove your tree if it's infected with a disease or is suffering from an insect infestation.

Palm tree with infection in Villas, FL.

Another reason to remove your tree from your property is if it’s infected with a disease or has succumbed to an insect infestation. In some cases, you can use a fungicide application to save your tree from various diseases, but if the disease has spread to the majority of the tree, then it’s best to remove it entirely. This is because the disease will eventually kill the tree, and it can also spread to other trees on your property. Similarly, insect infestations can also kill your tree and spread to other trees on your property if the insects aren’t dealt with early enough. In both cases, if the issue is beyond the point of correction, you’ll want to remove the tree to prevent any diseases or insect infestations from spreading throughout your property.

Regular tree trimming can help prevent diseases and insect infestations from spreading to your whole tree!

3. Remove your tree if there are cracks in the trunk.

Cracks through tree trunk in Fort Myers, FL.

Some trees can crack due to numerous issues such as lightning strikes, stressful weather conditions, or even the tree growing too large or too quickly. When these cracks are spotted, that means you should remove the tree from your property. This is because trees with cracked trunks are unstable, meaning they can potentially fall over during a bad storm. By removing any cracked trees, you can prevent them from falling over and potentially causing serious damage to your property, or worse, injuring you or anyone else.

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If you notice any of these issues affecting your trees, then it’s time to reach out to someone to remove them for you. At Tim's Tree Service, our team of professionals will ensure all tree branches and trees fall to the ground safely to avoid damaging your property. We are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy as we remove any problematic trees from your property. We service properties in Cape Coral, FL, and surrounding cities like Fort Myers and Lee County. Call us today at (239) 994-6384 to schedule our tree removal service.