If you've lived in the Cape Coral, FL area for a while, then you're no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricanes are capable of massive amounts of damage, and it's very easy for your trees to get caught up in a storm, which is why you should take the appropriate steps to hurricane-proof your trees. One way to hurricane-proof your trees is to wrap them in a protective covering to keep them from getting injured by flying projectiles. You also want to brace your trees to keep parts of them from flying off in the storm with cables, braces, and stakes. Keep reading to learn how you can prepare your trees to stay safe against storms this hurricane season!

Why is hurricane-proofing beneficial in the Cape Coral, FL area?

Hurricane debris all over road in Fort Myers, FL.

When you live in an area prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, it's important to always ensure you're prepared. That's why you should aim to hurricane-proof your trees, especially if you live in the Cape Coral, FL area. Hurricane-proofing will minimize any potential damage that can be caused to your trees or your property. Projectiles will be flying in every direction during the storm, so by hurricane-proofing your trees, you can protect your trees while simultaneously protecting your home or business from anything that may fly off your tree.

Hurricane-proof your trees by covering them with protective wrapping.

One of the ways you can hurricane-proof your trees for the upcoming hurricane season is by covering their trunks with protective wrapping. During a storm, almost anything can become a projectile depending on the strength of the wind. By wrapping the trunks of your trees, you can protect them from flying debris. Once the storm has passed, you can easily remove the cover from your tree and marvel at how your tree stayed safe during the storm.

Provide your trees with more support by cabling, bracing, and staking them for hurricane season.

Braced palm tree for hurricane season in Cape Coral, FL.

During a hurricane, the winds can easily tear off weakened or broken tree limbs and cause them to become dangerous projectiles capable of damaging other parts of your property. Not to mention, the storm will injure your tree as it rips off branches. Using steel or wire cabling throughout your tree canopy will provide your trees with extra support and help reduce the number of branches that might fly off of your tree.

Additionally, strong winds can end up bending your tree trunks. However, you can provide your trees with extra support with braces. These braces will come with adjustable straps to brace your trees against powerful winds. And if you need further brace your trees for a coming storm, you should plant wooden stakes and secure them around the trunks for maximum protection this hurricane season!

You can help prepare your trees for hurricane season by regularly trimming them to remove excess foliage.

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If you have not hurricane-proofed your trees yet, then now is the time to start preparing for this year's hurricane season. At Tim's Tree Service, we've got you covered with our hurricane-proofing services! We will examine your trees and remove any excess branches that could potentially cause a problem for your home or business, and then we will work with you to create a plan that will protect your trees and your property. We offer our services to properties in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, and nearby areas in Lee County, FL. Give us a call today at (239) 994-6384 to schedule either our residential or commercial tree care services, and we can get started hurricane-proofing your trees! We look forward to working with you!