There could be many reasons to want to remove a tree from your property in Florida, from structural problems and being too close to your building to needing that space for a new landscaping project. No matter the reason, don't try to remove it yourself! This task is dangerous, and you could end up hurting yourself or causing damage to anything nearby, like your home or business, or a car. Not only that but even if you successfully get it down, you'll still have to deal with removing it, which comes with its own set of safety risks and requires machinery. Because of this, it's best to leave tree removal to the pros, as they have the equipment, experience, and knowledge on how to safely and efficiently handle this task.

Removing a tree yourself is dangerous and poses the risk of getting hurt.

One huge reason why removing a tree yourself is a bad idea is because it's dangerous! Your safety should take priority over anything, and tree removal requires you to use sharp tools and deal with heavy-duty equipment. If you don't have experience handling this equipment or know how to do so safely, it poses the risk of getting hurt. Removing a tree isn't easy, and it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid attempting this task yourself.

DIY Tree Removal Could Cause Damage to Your Property

Detrimental tree damage after a hurricane in Tice, FL.

Another reason DIY tree removal is a bad idea is that it could cause damage to your property. Performing this task has a lot of components, as you need to follow a step-by-step process to break down the tree and minimize its potential to damage anything nearby. When you don't, you lose control of it, which could lead to it falling on your home or business, a car, or anything else within its reach. Additionally, insurance may not cover the damages, meaning you'll have to shoulder the cost alone.

Even if you successfully get the tree down, removing it comes with safety risks and requires machinery.

So, say you attempt to get a tree down and are successful - now you have to deal with everything that comes after that, namely removing it. Not only does this come with its own set of safety risks, but it requires machinery and hard labor. It takes years of experience working with the equipment and access to all the necessary resources to get the job done right. Without that, you will take on more work than you initially thought and put yourself in a situation that could potentially cause you to hurt yourself.

Always Leave Tree Removal to the Pros to Ensure It's Done Safely & Efficiently

Our tree professional cutting a tree with a chainsaw in North Fort Myers, FL.

Rather than attempting to remove a tree yourself and risking your safety and potential damage to anything nearby, you should always leave this task to the pros. Because they remove trees for a living, they have the training, knowledge, and experience to ensure they do it safely and efficiently. They'll also come equipped with the proper tools and equipment, plus the capabilities to use them correctly so that you get the best results.

Always hire a professional tree removal company that is licensed and insured!

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