Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, plus they're beautiful focal points of your residential property and provide much-needed shade during the hot days here in Florida. However, there are situations where removing one is necessary to avoid potential safety hazards, like if it has sustained substantial damage from a storm or is touching a power line. Another reason is if it's fallen victim to a fungal disease or insect infestation that has progressed to the point where other solutions will prove ineffective. The final reason to have a tree removed is because it's hindering a new construction project.

1. The Tree Has Sustained Substantial Damage From a Storm

Tree damage after a storm in Villas, FL.

One reason to remove a tree from your residential property is if it has sustained substantial damage from a storm. Hurricanes and thunderstorms are common here in Florida, which can severely damage your trees and their structural integrity. As a result, it can lead to their death and pose a safety hazard since it's more likely to fall. When this happens, and trying to save it will prove futile, removing it is the best option to avoid any unnecessary risk to your home and anything else nearby, along with the safety of yourself and others.

2. The Tree Is Touching a Power Line

If a tree on your residential property is touching a power line, this is another reason to have it removed. Not only can this pose a hazard to the power lines and cause them to fall should a branch break, but that contact can spark dangerous situations, literally. After all, it's possible to get electrocuted when you touch the tree, or it can spark and catch fire. Additionally, it can cause power outages, so it's crucial to remove it to avoid these problems.

3. The Tree Has Fallen Victim to a Fungal Disease or Insect Infestation

Close up on diseased leaves on a tree by our client's home in Iona, FL.

A tree that has fallen victim to a fungal disease or insect infestation is a cause for removal, especially if other solutions like fungicide applications and insect treatments prove ineffective. Fungal infections can eventually kill the tree and spread to others on your residential property, which is something you want to avoid. On the other hand, insects can completely defoliate and lead to its death if not caught early enough, then spread to others. So, the best way to handle a tree riddled with disease or insects is to remove it entirely.

You can prevent fungal diseases and insect infestations on your trees by regularly trimming them.

4. The Tree Is in the Way of a New Construction Project

The last reason to have a tree removed from your residential property is if it's in the way of a new construction project. While trees are beautiful features, sometimes they don't look good in that specific location for the new design you're aiming to achieve for your landscape. Meanwhile, one can block the project's progression if it's where you want to install a new feature or element, and removing it is the only way to complete the job.

Never try removing a tree yourself - always hire pros to ensure safety and the best results.

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