Here in Florida, we experience strong storms throughout the year and sometimes even hurricanes. These storms can cause damage to homes in a variety of ways, one of which is by causing trees to fall onto homes. While trees that are weak and sick are more likely to fall over, even healthy trees can fall over if the storm is strong enough. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a tree fall on your home, you should evacuate your home right away, and then make three very important phone calls. The first call should be to 911 so that first responders can come out and make sure that everyone is okay. The next phone call should be to your insurance company so that you can get a claim started and start the process of having repairs made. The final phone call you should make is to a professional tree removal company so you can get the tree off of your home. Continue reading to learn more about the immediate steps you should take if a tree falls on your house.

If a tree falls on your home, evacuate it immediately and then call 911!

Having a tree fall on your home is a scary and potentially dangerous situation. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you and anybody else inside your home should evacuate it immediately. That's because, besides the initial damage the tree caused when it fell, it could have compromised other parts of your home, and a situation like your roof collapsing is a possibility. Once everyone is safely outside, you'll want to call 911. When the first responders arrive, they can take care of anyone who was injured and will advise you whether or not it's safe to go back inside.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once everyone is out of the house and safe, your next step should be to call your insurance company. This is an important step because they will be able to tell you how much coverage you'll receive depending on the specific circumstances. You'll want to make this call right away because it's a vital step in determining what steps you'll have to take to get your home back to normal and how much money it's going to cost you.

Call a company that deals with the removal of large trees.

Our team removing a fallen tree from on top of a home in Pine Manor, FL.

After you've contacted your insurance company, your next step should be dealing with the tree that fell on your home. You'll want to contact a professional company that deals with the removal of large trees. The right company will be able to come out and safely lift the tree off of your house and remove it from your property. While they are there, it's a good idea to have them inspect any other trees on your property to see if they pose any type of threat to your home. If they find trees that could pose a future risk to your property, they can remove those as well so you won't have to deal with this type of situation again in the future.

Before hiring a tree removal company, make sure that they are fully licensed and insured!

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