Removing trees from a property in Florida may seem like a straightforward process because all you need to do is cut it down, right? Wrong! There are actually different ways to remove a tree from a property, including felling, limbing, and crane-assisted tree removal. You're likely not familiar with this tree removal terminology, but in this blog, we will break down each one so you can understand what they are. Felling is when a tree is removed in one piece, while limbing involves cutting it into smaller pieces or removing its limbs while still standing. When doing this, pros will either climb into the tree or use bucket trucks to get to it. Crane-assisted removal is similar, but instead of climbing or using a bucket truck, the tree parts are cut while it's still standing and lowered with a crane. Knowing these terms can help you choose which method is best for your property.

What does felling mean when it comes to tree removal?

Felling refers to cutting down a tree in one piece, meaning that it will fall over in one piece. This tree removal process can be very dangerous, so it should only be performed by professionals. Before a tree is felled, a landing spot will need to be identified and any potential hazards need to be identified such as power lines, homes, or other structures to ensure that the tree won't fall on them. When performing this service, professionals will make several cuts in the tree to ensure the tree falls in the direction they want it to.

What does limbing mean when it comes to tree removal?

Limbing, also known as bucking, is the process of cutting a tree into smaller pieces or removing its limbs while it's still standing. When performing this service, professionals will either climb up into a tree or use a bucket truck to reach the branches. Then, they will use specialized equipment, such as a chainsaw, to remove limbs from the tree, or to remove certain parts of it. This process can be very dangerous because branches could fall and strike the person performing this service. This process can also be performed after a tree has been felled to make it easier to dispose of the fallen tree!

When limbing or bucking a tree, the golden rule is to never cut anything above your shoulder to prevent branches from falling on you and causing a serious injury!

What does crane-assisted mean when it comes to tree removal?

Crane-assisted removal involves cutting a tree into pieces while it's still standing and lowering those pieces with a crane. This is the preferred method for many tree removal professionals because it is less time-consuming and labor-intensive than other methods. Because the location of the tree and its surroundings will play a huge factor in determining the appropriate course of action when it comes to utilizing this method to remove a tree, this method does not have a one-size-fits-all process. However, by hiring an experienced professional to remove your tree using this method, you can rest easy knowing the job will get done safely and correctly.

It's best to hire professionals to remove trees on your property because they have the experience and equipment necessary to perform the task safely and efficiently.

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